Friday, March 27, 2009


Topic of the week #2: What are UVA classes like? Along with that, share your fave class/professor!
There are huge, big classes. Especially popular 101s (Econ, Chem, Bio). There are also small seminars (like Ella said USEM) and the ones in the middle (20-50 ppl). I've taken all of them. What I like about popular big lecture classes the anonymity, you usually don't have to worry about cold calls or participation. The participation often lies in the discussions and you get to know your peers and TAs very well there. TAs may become valuable mentors in the long run as well. With USEM and the ones in the middle, professors are easily accessible. Going to office hours can be really helpful too. You have to be pro-active about it. When you are struggling with material - ask your TAs and go to office hours!! It can be intimidating at first but once you really get to know your professors - it will get more comfortable. They're here to help you! And never underestimate class difficulty - exams and tests can surprise you when you're not looking.
Fave classes/professors
Global Media - Professor Hector Amaya
Anthropology - Professor Richard Handler
Intro to Asian American Studies - Professor Sylvia Chong
- alice

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