Friday, March 20, 2009

wahoowa, wahoowa!

Hi semua, apa kabar? ("Hey all, how are you?" in Bahasa Indonesia!) I am Nanette, a first-year from Indonesia who went to high school in Singapore. I am pre-Comm, but I'm probably going to do Psychology as well.

You know, it's getting really exciting over here. The admission offers will be released in less than a week, and all of us really can't wait to congratulate you all! :D

I still remember the time when I received my offers from several universities. Some of them are more well-known than UVA back where I'm from. But what made me choose UVA? Being the enthusiastic aspiring business-woman that I was, McIntire was enticing. The Grounds looked extremely pretty from the pictures. The tuition fee is also not exorbitantly expensive like most other schools.

But what is the catalyst, the tipping point that really swayed me into sending my deposit to UVA? It was actually the scribbling that the Admission Dean wrote on my decision letter. It was hand-written, it was personal, it was warm. I think it embodied what UVA really is, a school that cares for who we are as a person. In UVA, you're not just another number. It is in UVA where you can discover what your true passion is, and UVA will help you achieve it. I have only been in UVA for a year, but I can already testify that it's true. I'll tell you more about it when we talk about our activities in UVA. (So check back often for updates! :)


What I can't write in words, I show in pictures. Spring is in the air! This is a shot of one of the first flowers that just bloomed on Grounds, overlooking the International Residential College (which is where I stay).

UVA 2012
Pre-Comm, Psych

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