Friday, March 20, 2009


Habari...Niaje...Hello!!!! I'm Rehema Wachira and I am from Nairobi, Kenya!

I first heard about UVA from a friend who had just started here and he had nothing but praise for this great university. Im sure you have looked up and compared university rankings from Business Weekly and the rest and have seen that UVA features consistently at the top. Our McIntire School of Commerce was definitely a big factor in my decision to come here. But more than that, I could see that if I came to UVA I would not be constrained to one path of study. That's the beauty of a liberal arts education. Sure, I am Pre-Comm, but I have taken classes on Islamic Philosophy, Astronomy and Dialogues-on-Diversity... and I'm still in my first year! There are so many options for you here and new majors are introduced fairly often! We even have a Global Development Major that's stirring up a lot of interest!

We're not all study and no play though! Everything from symphony orchestra's to jazz bands to Jay-Z (amaaazing concert!! and T.I took off his shirt!!!) is free or cheaply available to everyone! Or you could just chill on grounds and watch the squirrels do their thing:)

UVA is your university and the opportunities are endless:D

See you soon!!!

Rehema ^_^

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