Friday, March 20, 2009

Really, UVa?!

Shoutout from C’ville! I’m Ella Wong, first year student from Hong Kong, most probably doing the new student initiated Global Development major(check it out!) and Foreign Affairs.

Last year same time I had NO idea where I was going to go. In fact, I was torn between going to UVa or universities in England or Canada…so I understand what some of you may be going through right now. Looking at official websites with the pretty Photoshopped pictures of students smiling as they are doing their labs is pretty lame when trying to decide which school to go to, so I have to say word of mouth is crucial.

I was lucky I had a very influential senior at my high school who also went to UVa, and she told me a lot about the school which definitely helped in my decision. Another way was just looking at the facebook groups and other websites that talk about college life and see what they have to say. And as you are reading this, you also have me, a real life student at UVa who is not just going to tell you that UVa is a perfect school, but one thing I can tell you is it is a better school than perceived, especially when you are referring to international reputation (UVa is a pretty underrated school outside the States)… I eventually decided to come to UVa basically on the basis that I wanted to go to the States for college and that it’s a good school. Pretty much a leap of faith!

All I can say for now is there have been decisions that I regretted making, but definitely not the decision on coming to UVa, and I’m pretty sure a LOT of students you meet here will tell you the same thing.

Feel free to email me at if you want some genuine advice! (wink*)

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