Saturday, March 21, 2009

Hi everyone!

Hi everyone! My name is Ankit Sundaram, and I’m a first-year, Pre-Commerce student at the University of Virginia. I was born in India, but really, I call the small city-state of Singapore my home. I attended high school in Singapore, and also completed two years of mandatory National Service in the Singapore Armed Forces, before traveling across the world to attend UVA!

UVA was always one of my top choices for many reasons. As most of you may know, the McIntire School of Commerce is currently ranked as the top undergraduate business school in the world. Apart from its strong academic showing, I was also attracted to UVA because of the many great things I’d heard about how beautiful UVA is and how nice the people here are. Although I never had the chance to actually visit, I was painted such beautiful images of students studying and playing Frisbee on the Lawn that I had just had to see it all through my own eyes!

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  1. Hey man...I'll be starting my graduate studies in UVa this fall...born and bred in India...;)