Monday, April 20, 2009

Virtual!DOTL + List

I decided to combine the virtual days on the lawn with things I love about UVA.

1. Pretty:

.. like we need any more pictures of the Rotunda. The second one was taken at Pancakes for Parkinson's - which is free pancakes on the lawn for a good cause.

2. Sports:

I'm really more of a soccer (*ahem football) fan and our team is really good. The UVA soccer fan group is called Wahooligans and they are responsible for the most awesome atmosphere. I love it!!

But it's not like I've never been to an American football game.. it's a tradition to dress up with pearls and ties but wearing orange and blue is good too.

3. Music "scene":
for my fellow music lovers!! U2 and Muse are coming next semester!!!!!

Tim Be Told is one of the homegrown bands. Maroon 5 at JPJ Arena.

Melee at Satellite Ballroom and Jason Mraz at the Pavilion.

4. Spring Break Opportunities:

Interning for the Obama Campaign in Pittsburgh. Alternative Spring Break in New Orleans!

5. Living/Dorms:

I'm a second year living at Lambeth. I really like it. Lots of space!

6. Other Events:

Foxfield! I went my first year and I had a blast. And Taiwanese Food Night. Yum

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