Sunday, April 19, 2009

Inside my dorm room

I liked Ella's post about virtual Days on the Lawn :) I was not able to visit UVA before accepting my offer of admission either... So don't be worried if you can't see everything in person before you get here! 

The admissions website has a place where you can "Take a look at UVA" through a slideshow of pictures. If you have other pictures that you want to see, let us know and we can post them!

I know one thing that I was curious about was my dorm room. There are a variety of dorm choices first year, but I lived in Lile in the Alderman Road dorms. Below are a few pictures of my dorm. Enjoy!

Me and my stuff on move-in day. I had to buy some more stuff in the stores afterwards.

The room slowly starting to get set up... Look how much stuff I fit under my bed!

My closet. It fits more than you think... but is still a little tight if you have lots of clothes.

My desk and chair (provided by UVa in every room).

Singing happy birthday to a suitemate on her birthday. 

Again, if you want to see pictures of something, let us know! We will do everything that we can to provide the best Virtual Days on the Lawn for you!


  1. Hi! I just want to thank everyone for writing in this blog, it has been very helpful to a prospective undergrad like me! Can you post some pictures of the dining hall/cafeteria and classrooms? Thanks a lot in advance! :)