Monday, April 13, 2009

Virtual DOTL-Part I

I'm sure a lot of you (like me) won't have a chance to visit the school/go to Days on the Lawn (that is happening right now as I'm typing this entry), so I'm going to give you a little tour of the school, a kind of 'Virtual Days on the Lawn'(with pictures that are taken on my pretty crappy camera)

First of all, the Lawn during different seasons-

->During the summer, it can get pretty sweaty here in Charlottesville.

-> The University Programs Council has a 'Photobooth on the Lawn' during Halloween, and it's during the Fall when you can see the changing colours of the trees everyday.

-> Trick-or-treating on the Lawn! Where tons of kids and families from all over Charlottesville come to UVa and the Lawnies (the Lawn residents as we can them) give out heaps of candies to little kids who dress up as peacocks, a whole family of M&Ms, little fairy dogs that run around... and the Best Costume Award goes to a Dad in a surfing suit while with one hand he's holding a surfboard that has a huge bite-mark on it, and on the other, his baby is dressed up as a shark! (how cute is that?)

-> Lighting of the Lawn! An annual event that brings the students together for hot chocolate, acapella groups and basically waiting for that moment when the Lawn lights up....and then you're like ' that's it?'
But when you're sitting on the steps of the Rotunda at night looking at the lit up Lawn, you just can't help but think how lucky you are to be here.

-> When it snows, it's awesome....and no, you aren't allowed to sled on the Lawn but you can streak with you UGGs on.

Tired of the Lawn already? Want to see other parts of the school? Check back here later for another installment of Virtual Days on the Lawn and I'm going to take you to dorms, the Stadium and other things you won't see on the official school webpage!


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