Monday, April 6, 2009

The List

So much with the tags and 16 things about me on Facebook, here’s 6 things I love about UVa:

1. People. If I didn’t like the people I interact with everyday, I would have transferred already. (Shout-out to Fourth-years! All the Fourth-years I have met are just amaaazing)

2. Grounds. Yes, we don’t call it campus, call it Grounds. Every time I walk around on a bright sunny day, I am still awed at where I got myself into! Really, all the Fourth-years (aka Seniors) tell me they are still extremely appreciative of the beauty here: ) The thing I like to do most is take naps on the grass.

3. Acceptance of diversity. I can’t lie to you and say this is the most diverse school ever (I mean, it is a public school and ~60% are Caucasian Americans), but the thing is the different racial and ethnic groups mix really well here, and everyone is appreciative of other people’s cultures. And it’s not just racial diversity I’m talking about here, but the acceptance of being different. Here, you can choose to dress up for class or you can just go in your sweatpants and hoodie; you can go out and party every weekend or you can stay in to watch a movie with friends…there is no stereotypical UVa student except that in general, people are smart, care about their academics and just really friendly…that’s what I appreciate most about UVa.

4. Resources. So many libraries where you can go and study, and the libraries offer a ton of resources and books that are just plain overwhelming! Also, there are various study-abroad programs for the semester or just summer/winter break, and programs like ‘Alternative Spring Break’ where you can do something meaningful over breaks. Research opportunities, of course, with professors or initiate one of your own…the opportunities are out there waiting for you.

5. Size of the school.I’m talking about the size of the population as Kim has mentioned in the post earlier, which is a good optimum; and the size of Grounds too, as it’s located in a nice little city called Charlottesville, and the places you need to go to are practically within walking/biking distance, which makes you walk and burn off that ‘Freshmen 15’!(oh trust me, you need the exercise)

6. Students being in charge. Student self governance: the word that is heavily emphasized during orientation and all the painstakingly long receptions. But you won’t know how to appreciate it unless you are really involved in it. From students driving the buses to students in charge of the honor system, students care about what is happening on Grounds, and if they see something unjust happening within the system, they will voice out their opinions.


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