Thursday, April 23, 2009

Virtual DOTL part II

(note: I received an email from a girl yesterday who told me she read the blog and had other questions about UVa! I felt so relieved that there is at least one person in this world who is reading the blog.haha)

Anyways, continuing my Virtual Days on the Lawn for ya all out there!:

Hoos: Old Cabel Hall. A traditional-styled theatre where a lot of musical performances are held every week. The photo above features the Virginia Gentlemen, one of my favorite acapella groups here at UVa:) Today, Jeffery Sachs (renowned economist) just held a talk in here!

Boos: Old Cabel Hall has large columns at the back that block some of the audience's views. No idea who designed that.

Hoos: Painting Beta Bridge is one of the 109 things you need to do before graduation. Basically, its a bridge that is on Rugby Road (where a lot of fraternity houses are), and you paint on it to promote whatever event/cause that you want to promote for. It's fun and you can show off your non-existent graffiti skills!

Boos: Have to wake up at 6 in the morning so you can avoid being painted over, and that people will see it in the day time/ at night when they are out to party on Rugby Road.

Hoos: Springfest! one of the annual carnival events organized by University Programs Council. One of the activities of the day is Gus-burger eat-off (on the left)(Gus-burger is a burger with a piece of egg and hamburger in it, the best thing to have when you're a little...) and also disgusting eating competitions like Vermonster eat-off(on the right) (a huge tub of Ben and Jerry's ice-cream shared with 4 other people, and people just chuck the ice-cream on the table and pass it around so as to get it finished asap!!)'s so much fun to watch! We also had Sara Bareilles come perform!(woo-woot!)

Boos: Stomach not big enough to be in all these competitions.

Hoos: One of the tranquil days at the Ampitheatre when all is just so peaceful. One of the things I love most about here is just enjoying nature, something I would NEVER have the opportunity to do if I stayed in Hong Kong.

Boos: The weather is pretty sporadic these days, it could be really beautiful one day, then kinda chilly the next...but makes you appreciate the better days more!

Oh, and some clarifications for people who are concerned about the social life here. You do not have to join the Greek life (i.e. be in a fraternity or sorority, and only 30% of the student body is in one) to have a life. It is a good way of getting to know people and socializing, but there are SO many other organiztions, activities to do here that you do not need to worry if you don't feel like joining one.(There are more than 600 registered student groups here!)

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