Sunday, January 17, 2010

Happy 2010!

Hey Guys!

Welcome to the blog and happy new year! After an eventful 2009, we have already ushered in an already quite eventful 2010 around the world. The tragic 7.0 Richter Haiti earthquake has garnered much attention from around the world, and students at U.Va. have already begun the effort to help the people of Haiti. Students have begun initiatives such as:
  1. "Benefeeting Haiti," a shoe drive for the Haitian people so that they do not have to walk over " shards of glass, sewage, sharp metals, and diseases while trying to find loved ones buried under piles of rubble, walking to the nearest water station, navigating through the devastation, etc. " (from the facebook event page:
  2. Another event is "Hoos for Haiti," a fundraising event to create a U.Va. fund to help with the relief efforts in the aftermath of the Haitian earthquake. Its facebook event is located at:
These events are not all-inclusive, they are just two highlights that I have come across on facebook. All of us here at Wahoo-World wish the best for the Haitian people in their recovery process.

On a cheerier note, spring semester starts in a couple of days here at U.Va.! While we start our countdown to spring, many of you are probably counting down the days until your application results come in. Although it may be a while until you hear of the results, be sure to check Wahoo-World for the latest happenings at U.Va.! Spring semester brings not only warm weather, but lots of events on Grounds as well as in Charlottesville. We are all very excited to bring you more U.Va. happenings as the weather gets warmer and warmer, so stay tuned!

Best of luck!


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